Exotic Fruit Rambutan


The Rambutan seeds first brought to Sri Lanka from Malaysia by Portuguese. The Portuguese Government head was the Captain General, who was living at Malwana. It is said that they found that the soil in the Kelani Valley was ideal for the plant to thrive. Malwana is reputed to be the heartland of Exotic fruit Rambutan.  There are several varieties of rambutan in Malwana. ‘Malwana Special’ is the most distinctive one. The Malaysian Yellow is the other one. Malwana Special is heralded as the best variety and it is sold at the highest price.  Almost everyone in Malwana owns a rambutan tree. Now peoples interests changes towards to grow But Rambutan. Leasing out the trees is a system practiced by owners of rambutan trees. At the Seasons can hear the ‘tukkas’ sound made out of iron hung on to the branches of rambutan trees to scare away the bats and other animals who come for the fruit.  


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