The Ziyaram (shrine) of His Holiness Ahmed Ibn Mubarak Mawlana (ral) is in Dalugala, Son of His Holiness Mubarak Mawlana (ral), Galle. It is said His Holiness Mubarak Mawlana (ral) had come to Malwana, and moralized the inhabitants of Malwana.The Dalugala Thakiya is the Mosque of Buhary Thakiya (Nabaviyathul Qadiriya Tharika), of his holiness Mubarak Mawlana (ral). Either sides of the road to Dalugala Thakiya can be seen the houses, old over centuries. There is a request to the people who renovate their houses, to keep the front structure as it is.

1915 Riot

In 1915 at the time of riot against Muslims a group of rioters had come to Dalugala. A rioter had vowed that he would remove at least a tile from the house of his holiness Ahmed ibn Mubarak Mawlana’s shrine.

When they reach the area of Shrine, they had seen like Volcano and a group of Arabs coming towards them to attack. The rioters had shouted “Arabi battayak Ennawo” (a group of Arabs coming) and had left the place.

Many Karamats of his Holiness Ahmed ibn Mubarak (ral) still take place in Malwana.


Rakashapana is by the Kelani River Rakshapana Mosque is one of the oldest Mosque in Malwana. At the side of the Kelani river bank there is a huge rock it’s identified as Rakshapana rock; many horror stories have been weaved about this rock.  

Some says a Devil guarding the treasures in side the rock. And etc…


Place called Walawwatte because these lands were owned by Walawwa people.

Darul Saada

Many Mawlanas from Yemen had visited Malwana they resided at Darul Saada, House of U.L.M Jemeel Mathicham. The Darul Saada name was given by His holiness Mawlana (name not known) from Yemen. They have composed a special Awraad or Baith to hang on the wall, which begins from House name Darul Sadaa.

It is said this house was to be the first house in Malwana to build a separate room for prayer purposes. And no ladies were allowed to this room.   

Once his holiness Hasan ibn Abdul Bari Al-Ahdal Mawlana had put a recited stone to the Well (a well for drinking purposes) to save from draught. As said once in Malwana a big draught time all the Wells had dried up except this. Mashaallah many have quenched their thirst from this Well. 


Al Mubarak School is the only national school in Malwana. It is a mix school. It is said, early days no girls were sent to school, girls were educated at home. Fist to be sent was Jannah and Bushraa. Later with time parents started to send their daughters.


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  1. Good to hear someone recounting old stories about malwana. I vividly remember my grandmother telling me about these things in malwana although I tend to believe they are no more than highly romanticized superstition, especially the part about the “arab army.” Last time I checked there was no arab army in dalugala. There never was to my understanding. But, it’s interesting to hear about it from someone else though. Because, i have told these “stories” from malwana to my wife who is not from malwana and she finds them equally interesting and I will tell them to my kids. Whether these happened or not they are part of our “folk history” or “collective concience” and it may not matter whether they really happened or not what matters is that a lot of people believe it happened. Oh just to add something about the Raxapana rock, my Grandfather who passed away back in 1979 has told me when he was young he used to go swimming in the river next to the rock. He used to dive from the top of the rock into the water and one day while diving into the water he saw an opening underwater in he rock with air pocket and he decided to do some exploration. He put his head through the opening and tried to sneak into the narrow opening his shoulder got stuck and he could not move. When he looked up he saw the most abominable sight. The demon who lives under the rock. He was petrified and gasped for air and hurriedly freed himself suffering severe bruises and swam to safety. After this he never dived again and was a cautious swimmer. Now do i believe he was telling the truth. Yes. He was the most honest man i knew and indeed he may have seen what he saw. Many people have drowned in the same site. But, there is another explanation, the fact that he got stuck underwater may have caused a panic attack and lack of oxygen causes the brain to hallucinate and hence the demon he saw. So as they say the devil is in the details. Another one of my relatives who used to live next to the raxapana mosque and long since passed on, used to tell me when i little that she has seen jewels rolling down the steps of mosque and dissappear into the river and she said this was because of the hidden royal treasure under the rock. Again as i said earlier these are folk tales and part of the mythology of our culture. They do not need to have happened or indeed believed. The fact that this older generation saw mystery and wonder in their surroundings and appreciated the possibilities of the unknown is what matters. I feel i was fortunate to have heard these from my elders and these stories thus find the oxygen they need to survive in my mind.

  2. Mr. Ahmed Fazly… thanks for sharing you details,,, about the Arab army…as you have stated,,, I think it was a Karamat (miracle) incident of His holiness Mubarak Mowlana… at that time.

  3. masha allah

    love to see some nice old days stories about malwana. even my grand fathers have mentioned the same stories what our neighbour fazly has mentioned. very interesting… just wondering y no one paid any attention to get into the rock at least with a proper diving team. so that we can reveal the truth.

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