Ambey Masjid’s Brief History.

Source “Ambey Palliyil walarath Shurukkam”

The Darga shareefe of Sayyaduna Sadaath Al Sheikh Akil Muhammad Waliullah’s is in the village of Kotiyakumbura Ambey. The Waliyullah is from Hadramot, Yemen. Waliyullah had come to Ceylon with Sheikh Isthander, to spread the Message of Deen ul Islam. They had visited the Adam’s peak and through the thick jungle reached Ambey Village.



2 thoughts on “AMBEY”

    1. Do you see any buildings on this holy grave? But saudi’s build 5 star hotels on the sahabah’s (Raliallahu Anhu) graves at Jannathul Muallah. Can you give any islamic facts for that.

      I think here they have protected the scholar’s grave. Please see the below link for the latest salafi attacks at Derna, Libya.

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