Muslim Ladies’ College, Colombo – 4.


Muslim Ladies College is one of leading girl’s schools in Sri Lanka. It has hostel facility to get the advantage of getting education for Muslim girls all over the Island. It is said that MLC was started before 2nd world war with 13 pupils and at the war time it was suspended, after the war school restarted again.


How MLC established…


Here I have entered certain version expressed by Muslim Ladies’ College 1st principal Mrs. Aysha Rauf, which is collected from the book named – “This Man Razik”


“ At a time when Ceylon Moor Ladies’ Union was struggling to find ways and means to start a school for Muslim girls it was Sir Razik Fareed who came to their rescue by placing at their disposal half an acre of land with four blocks of temporary buildings – premises provided with all facilities, water, drainage and lights and all mind you free of rent, in fact the good and worthy cause – Education of Muslim girls in the name of their long lost only child Hajara…………….

Thus the Muslim Ladies’ College is a pet theory put into practice by Sir Razik (then Mr. A. R. A. Razik).”


The school celebrated its 62nd anniversary on 1.11.2008. 🙂



Well… Dear Brothers and sisters, Thank you for your response. BTW. For further information regarding the school, pls. visit MLC official website… .


44 thoughts on “Muslim Ladies’ College, Colombo – 4.”

  1. Dear Sir,
    I would like to know contact details of Muslims ladies college for some application purpose.
    Kinlsy forward me for the sake of your mission.


  2. Dear sir
    can you pls guve me the Email Address for the above College
    in order to loadge the Application form….

    Thanks & rgds

  3. Salamz..

    I want to introduce my Islamic Question and Answer books to your school.. The books are put into question & answer because it will be easy to learn and understand.. Could you please help me introduce it to MLC..

  4. dear sir,
    my daughter will be 5 years by next february, and that is the age for her to admit in school by next year.but there is a problem for her because she is february(08.02.2007) born and hopefully could not admit,but sir i would not like to waste one year of her because of 8 days differance.can i speak with the school management and admit her to school by next year,
    please be kind enough to give a good reply as i am an old girl of MLC.

  5. Assalamu Alaikum Warhamthallahi Wrbkathuhu,

    Inshallah, i’d like to joing the muslim college. Brother, you’ve given us the phone no to 2 of the comments above, but they’re both different, one has an extra 6. Its would be of great help if you could tell me which is the right no.
    Also, im interested in what type of courses they offer? Do they have Alimah courses?

    Jazakhallahu Khair.

  6. Assalamu Alaikum Sir…!
    I am Fathima Sara Awos from Kuwait..Im studying here in an indian school..!
    I want to become a truthful Journalist..And save my country..Especially the muslims who are being lowered in our country..! I’m right now in grade 10..!..I want to join this college…I too want to be a part of MLC..! With hostel requirements…Because i want to be always free from my parents side..!

    And moreover i need to know more about this school..! If anyone is there to help my needs..!Thumbz Up..!..:)

    Thank You So Much..!

  7. I’m a past pupil of M.L.C& i’m proud to say that M.L.C is my ALMA MATER.i hope to work so hard with my heart& soul to uphold my alma. i’m sure one day my school will achive i’ts own goal. with best wishers, arooshiya.s

  8. I’m also M.L.C student.I’m so proud to study in this school.My wish is my school want to become a no1 school in SriLanka.thank you.

  9. salam,
    I am the past pupil of mlc.My wish is mlc want 2 come no 1 MUSLIM school in sri lanka.
    Roshana Isham.

  10. dear sir,,
    i would like to know the teachers list of muslim ladies college sinhala medium,,,please be kind enough to let me know,,for the purpose of analyzing the strength of your educational faculty and the qualification of your teachers,,
    thank you

  11. Salamz…
    I’m Delrene from Mt.Lavinia.I am proud to say that my alma meta is one of the upcoming and leading muslim girls school in Sri Lanka…And hope it will stay the same forever!!!My heartiest wishes:)

  12. may i know whether anyone who sat for o/levels presently and within the 5 years period of time has obtained 9A ‘s ?if so who and which period of time .waiting anxsiouly jazakallah

  13. I am saad i have converted to islam from christian there for i want to put my child in your school for next year’s year one so can you please help me

  14. Assalamu Alaikkum. I am Aslamiya Nauma old student of M.L.C I am proud to b a old student in this scholol. i wish m.l.c. 2 come one of the leading muslim school in Sri wishes 2 principal and the staff of the school 2 the future.

  15. Dear sir/madam
    I would like to join MLC for the grade 9 english medium in the year 2013…please be kind enough to give me admission.i will be a good student of MLC.. Thank you..

  16. alhamdulillah! i’m so proud to be a teacher of MLC.I request you all to make dua for a great future for our girls.please visit to mlc website and get to know more.kit.

  17. Rajabdeen Haleem

    Assalamu Alaikum,

    we got to know that your school started English medium from grade 1 to upper grades from this year. I am an Accountant in a Private Firm & My Wife is a former Teacher of Mukarramah International School.My daughter now attending to St.Antony’s Girls School Dematagoda from this year (Grade 1).

    I’m requesting an opportunity to admit my daughter to your school in English medium from now or for Grade 2. we would be grateful to admit my little daughter to Muslim Ladies College.

    We look forward for a favorable reply.


  18. i am student of this school i wanted to say that most of the people talks bad about our school but we dont wanna hear that anymore we will show the people who we are.. specially we got a very good principal to come to a high heritage, thanx alot mam, she made us understand the reality of our school, nah words to thank her we are really lucky to get her as our principal.. thanx alot mam. we will come to a very good position and make our muslim society be proud of us…

  19. Sister in Islam,
    I would like to know the contact details of the Sunday School held at Muslim Ladies College.


  21. I am trusting your school and I like to send my daughter to your school . My marks is 79 four marks is difference to the cutoff,my daughter is
    very talented and she had participated in the extra curricular activity.She had won gold medal in choir in british council.She is studing in carlton pre school. I hope i will get good resuls from you.

    from the respected

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