Arab tomb-stone in Ceylon

Khalid Ibn abu Bakaya was a learned & pious Arab whom sent by Caliph of Baghdad on a missionary to Ceylon. It is said that he was responsible to build the first and largest mosque in Colombo, which was said to be in Galle Buck.And it is said that he died in Colombo and buried in this mosque ground.

And a tomb-stone was erected over his grave in the 10th century A.D or 377 Hijiira, the inscription on the tomb-stone was sent by the Caliph him self.


Over 800 years it had remained undisturbed over the grave. It was removed by the Dutch Dissave of Colombo and later it was used at the door-step of one of the officers.

During the time of British reign, the officials had discovered this tomb-stone, sent it to a very clever erudite Arabic scholar at Cambridge. After many attempts, got the inscription translated. The script contained a prayer to Allah for the repose of the soul of Khalid Ibn Abu Bakaya.


Source – book SIR RAZEEK FAREED, by M.C.A Hassen


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