Maradana, Deans Road.

Hope many are not aware that how Maradana Deans Road name was originated.

It is said that Deans Road was named after 3 brothers, namely Samsudean, Omardean and Sheriefdean. When government wanted to change the name of the road, the junior mayor of that time Mr. Abu Baker had requested to keep the same name. Mr. Abu Baker also from this Dean family, But I am not aware how he is connected to this Dean Brothers.


Samsudean eldest of this Dean Brothers had 3 children, 2 daughters and a son. His eldest Daughter Ummu Kulzum got married to Sraiy Lebbe Mahmood Marikkar.

Dean Brothers had a printing press at their place No 60, Deans Road, Maradana. The “Muslim Nasion” paper was printed at this place. Later Siddi Lebbe had hand over the rights of the paper to Samsudean eldest brother of Deans. From him it went to his son.



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